Monday, January 26, 2009

Ensemble Singers Bus Activitiy: Try to Stump Suzie

For anyone that has been following the blog, you've surely noticed that our beloved tour guide Suzie was mentioned repeatedly. In addition to significantly broadening our vocabulary to include such gems as "nattering on," "twittle," "to catch you out," "three line whip," "flip," "mouldering," "sosseled," and so many others, we discovered that like Philip Brunelle, Suzie is full of (always interesting and occasionally useless) trivia. We decided it might be fun to develop a series of “Stump Suzie” questions.

Although she was too shy to write a blog for us, we wanted to share the answers to a few of the questions we asked Suzie (shown on the left), so that you might have a chance to get to know our truly excellent and always entertaining guide a little bit better.

But first, Suzie’s reaction to all of this higgledy-piggledy -“What has this got to do with being a British tour guide," she asks, "it would have been MUCH more to the point if we’d had a quiz on all the things I’ve taught you!”

Q: What is the specific gravity of platinum?
Suzie: I’ve absolutely no idea!

Q: Name all of the children in “The Brady Bunch?”
Suzie: I’ve never even heard of them!

Q: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Suzie: It depends how big of a chip he has on his shoulder.

Q: What is your favorite store on Oxford Street?
Suzie: FCUK. MUCH laughter ensued as Suzie repeatedly banned us from shopping on this “horrible” street. (FCUK stands for French Connection United Kingdom…but most people misread the acronym)

Q: Where does the word “loo” originate?
Suzie offered a long extended answer that has something to do with the French version of “water closet” but it got too long for me to follow…

Q: How old is the tube?
Suzie: The Piccadilly line dates back to the 1860’s.

Q: Why are the beds in England so short?
Suzie: Since Shakespeare’s day, we’re all afraid we’ll die in the night, so we all sit up when we sleep!

Q: Why aren’t the public restrooms heated?
Suzie: Because there is a shortage of them and we don’t want people to get too comfortable and stay.

Q: The present queen aside, for which member of the royal family do you personally hold the most affection?
Suzie: Prince Charles, with whom she has shared five dances.

After being an incredibly good sport throughout all of the questions, Suzie (true to form) informed us that it was...National Bird Watching Day!

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